RCK Tasks

Before & between RCKs

On the day


Visitors: bookings & reception

MF & others

- Bookings - check Ticket Tailor bookings, make timetable and share with WhatsApp group

- Email visitors with reminders and guidance

- Respond to repair queries and booking cancellations


- Meet and greet and offer refreshments

- Match and direct visitors to free volunteers

- Ask visitors to start filling in repair forms

- Provide repair forms (esp to waiting visitors)

- Collect forms and take donations (cash and Zettle)


Managing volunteers


- 7 – 10 days before chase volunteer repairers via WhatsApp and email (BCC)

- Update volunteers’ spreadsheet and chase if e g electricals are short-handed

- Print blank repair monitor forms and volunteer forms

- Occasional thanks, updates & chat in WhatsApp group

- Welcome and brief new volunteers

- Brief/update volunteers at 10.15

- Occasional help on relevant repair tables

- Record which volunteers turn up

- Get new volunteers to fill in forms if not done already

- Make sure repairers are happy





Buy milk and other necessary refreshment top-ups

- Wash up and tidy up at the end (bring mini-vacuum cleaner)

- Put rubbish in appropriate bins outside
- Check and list re-stocking needs

- Present receipt and take cash reimbursement






- Shop (often from Screwfix, B&Q or Tool Station
- Claim reimbursement via Open Collective


- Make payments, refunds

- List any shopping/restocking requests,



- A week or so before update/repeat publicity in Nextdoor, Facebook, Nub;

- check Freegle, KVA Connected, Restart are still accurate, live...

- Tweet, share Facebook posts, about RCK

- Instagram

- Upload photos to Google Drive/Dropbox

- Update RCK news on TTK website/Xo



- Take photos incl of repairers in action


Setting up and clearing up



- Arrive early, 9.30ish, to help to set up, get refreshments out, etc

- Help restore Library to its normal state

Collecting data


- Make sure there are plenty of repair forms

- Report data to organisers, TTK

- Collect data forms and upload to ??

General organising and networking


- Maintain contacts with Library (faye.jackson@kingston.gov.uk) RBK Waste Reduction Officer Leonard (leonard.d'crus@kingston.gov.uk), GSRC Network and other relevant groups, agencies

- Participate in on-line GSRC network meetings and sharing notes

- Report to CG and AGM

- Host/attend Zoom organisers’ meetings on 4th Mondays and circulate notes & actions, update notes at https://www.ttkingston.org/ttk-repair-cafe-project/

- Occasional funding applications
- Occasional updates to RCK pages on TTK website –https://www.ttkingston.org/repair-cafe-kingston/

- Arrange occasional printing