Collecting the info
TTK is creating a list of outdoor volunteering opportunities in the borough, so that people can find somewhere near them where they can grow food in a community garden or look after nature in a conservation project, sharing skills while getting healthy exercise and meeting other people. Help us to build a complete picture (it might be a list, it might be a map, it could be both...) and help your green project to attract more volunteers and thrive, by emailing us as much of the the following information as you can provide:

  • Name of project
  • Address, with postcode if possible
  • A sentence about your gardening project
  • Volunteering days and times
  • Website and/or Facebook page
  • A contact email or phone number 

See also 
Growing Tips for nature-friendly gardening.

Local outdoor volunteering opportunities we have compiled so far.

Why do outdoor volunteering?
- You will meet nice people and probably learn something interesting.
- You will do something useful - anyone can and will see the results with a bit of guidance and patience.
- Fresh produce - herbs, vegetables, fruit - from a garden taste much better than produce from a shop, and come with less packaging! 
- You will get exercise in the fresh air, good for your physical health.
- You will connect with nature and a local green space, good for your mental health and wellbeing:
      - See Natural England’s review of the benefits and outcomes of approaches to green care for mental ill-health, summarised at + a link to the full academic review -
     - See Wellbeing secrets from the 2022 Chelsea flower show
     - See How to cultivate wellbeing through gardening
- Community plots provide social benefits and can lessen supply shocks, supporters say.