In October 2022, two ongoing initiatives were keeping TTK busy:

A Kingston Repair Cafe in 2023 R cafe
Coming to Kingston Library very soon, we hope - read about our plans for and progress on this new waste-reduction and skill-sharing project here

A Kingston Library of Things
TTK is collaborating with Kingston Council's Waste Reduction Officer on a funding application to get a Library of Things set up in an accessible space in Kingston. Libraries of Things help people save money and reduce waste by affordably renting out useful items like drills, carpet cleaners and sewing machines from lockers in an accessible local space. Residents can also request items not currently available to be added to the collection. The Library of Things organisation provides a fully automated system, brand new equipment for hire, and an employee to check and service items. To rent items, you just need to download the Library of Things app, select the item you wish to borrow and for how long, pick up the item using the code you are given to open the locker automatically, and bring it back once you have used it. It's an expensive system to set up and manage, but worth it for the savings it offers to borrowers and the benefits to the environment of lending and sharing equipment rather than producing and consuming yet more stuff.

November 2022 update: changes in the Library of Things terms and conditions increased the amount needed to start and run one in Kingston to a level difficult to apply for with any chance of success. Attractive though the automated Library of Things system is, it may be possible to create a less cenralised, more modest and better value local lending scheme in, for example, Kingston libraries. Watch this space!