What do we want?

Our community works together to live sustainably with less reliance on fossil fuels and other limited resources. Wasting less and consuming with care, we grow more of our own food and support local producers. Using energy more efficiently we generate more of our energy needs within Kingston. Caring for the land, we protect the natural systems that support us. Our community action will reduce our carbon emissions and dependence on finite resources. Our local community and real economy will be stronger as we improve our well-being and resilience.  

How do we get there?

Using the commitment, creativity and energy from within our community, we take steps to change the community and environment we live in, holding events and discussions and supporting practical projects in the borough. "Transition" is the journey through the changes we need to make locally, nationally and internationally to respond to the challenges of peak oil and climate change and move towards a low-carbon, healthier, happier future.

TTK is managed by a team of volunteers who do their best to co-ordinate and support our various activities - you can meet them at TTK Events, including our monthly Kingston Green Drinks.

Transition Town Kingston is part of a global Transition movement, an ongoing social experiment in which communities learn from each other and work towards a better future for ourselves, future generations and our planet. We don’t have all the answers, but we won’t shirk the questions.

We are part of the national Transition Network, and have joined The Climate Coalition, while locally we are members of Kingston Environment Forum and Kingston Environment Centre.

You can read TTK's Constitution here

You can find out more about our history here and/or watch a short video made in 2023 by Christian from South West Londoner - and more of our local media coverage over the years can be seen here.

For what’s on currently, see also: Events section,  TTK updates and discussions on our Facebook page, and the monthly Kingston Environment News. 

You can find out how to support us here.

See our current flier here.