Scroll down to find useful resources for anyone wanting to campaign on environmental issues: useful links; on writing to and meeting with councillors and MPs; and on the climate crisis. The best place to see our current campaigns is in News.

TTK is a member of The Climate Coalition, sends a representative to their meetings, passes on their news and actions in Kingston Environment News, and we have joined in their Show the Love days in February . The TTC ethos of "showing our love for all the things we want to protect from climate change, and to ask politicians to put aside their differences and commit to doing whatever is necessary to protect them" sits well with TTK's. Find more information about the climate crisis and what you can do about it.

We have demonstrated on climate together, and individually many of us join in active campaigns such as XR, and contact our councillors and MPs about climate and other green issues such as trees and conservation, Heathrow expansion, air pollution...

Locally we supported the TOPO campaign to conserve at least part of the listed buildings for community use, and in 2019 organised an open letter to Cllr Hilary Gander in support of her proposal of a Climate Emergency Declaration in Kingston. 

Useful links

  • Engage with our Council: find out what’s planned for your neighbourhood or on issues that concern you and respond at Let's Talk -  if you don’t the others will have their way!
  • Find contact details for your councillors, MPs, MEPs, and LA members at  Rather than repeating our advice on writing every month, we have saved it here on the TTK website.
  • TheyWorkForYou shows what MPs have been speaking and voting on recently, with a page on the website devoted to recent votes and parliamentary business on the environment)
  • Info on Citizens’ Assemblies: Participo offers info on the research on and practice of innovative citizen participation – useful and interesting for anyone interested or involved in planning Citizens’ Assemblies.

Writing to MPS and councillors – general advice

  • Be polite and use evidence where possible
  • Use your own words – politicians respond better to personal communications than to standard letters, post-cards or petitions, and will usually assume that yours is the tip of an iceberg, that there are many other voters who agree with you.
  • Ask a question or two that they will be obliged to answer and perhaps to research (e g, by contacting the relevant government Minister or Council officer).
  • Thank them when they do something good!
  • Type in your postcode on to find contact details for your ward councillors, your London Assembly members, your MP, and your MEPs.

Meeting your MP in person - how to have a good constructive conversation 

  • Research:, social media, Google. Their interests, their attitude to climate change etc
  • Prepare. Be direct. Hold them to account – agree actions.
  • Don’t get angry. Don’t over-react. Don’t fall in love!
  • Ask a question. Make it personal. Have a printed briefing to leave behind.
  • Thank them! They’re human beings.


The climate crisis - find out more to help you campaign, and or take personal action...