REPAIR CAFÉ shopping list


Publicity: fliers, posters, banner?             
Poster £17 for one, 
Banner £20ish

Storage boxes, one per table       £10 each

Table cloths - donated?

Table labels - t b printed

Extension lead(s) £10 each (or borrow?)

H&S kit: protective safety cover for trailing cables 3m      £23

Membership of Repair Café network       £43

Possible contribution to improving power supply

Monthly fee to host/manager

Volunteer expenses, e g parking, tools/servicing



For textile repairs

Ironing mat         £20

Sleeve board (t b donated)

Iron (t b donated)

Sewing kit (left over from SiT and donated, but will need occasional replacements)

Sewing machines x 2 (donated, but in Dec only one fully functioning)

Sewing machine servicing/spares?


For laptops?


For electrical appliances

PAT electrical safety check kit     £100+

+ PAT training as and when?


For china repairs/glueing

Selection of fast-drying glues

UV glue kit          £15

Kinstsugi kit?


For woodwork
Workbench - borrowed?
Selection of glues and screws


Sept-Oct 2022 TT & + Veolia applications
For £1000 - Set up costs, to include: necessary training (e g for using a PAT electrical safety check; equipment (many tools would be lent or brought by the repairers, but we would have to fill gaps) and supplies of, e g, screws and basic hand-tools, a selection of glues, storage boxes, extension leads, safety/protective kit for people and furniture; publicity; refreshments; membership of the International Repair Cafe network; contribution to costs of venue, e g energy, and possibly to venue improvements, e g more power points, furniture, and fee/allowance to manager(s)... (We have had much useful advice on requirements and costs from repair cafes/workshops in neighbouring boroughs.)

+ £3000 - Contribution to occasional Library of Things repair workshops in South Kingston to fill the repair gaps we can't manage and assist residents living some distance away from the town centre (we are informed that people don’t travel far to repair workshops).