Stitch in Time, TTK's monthly sewing workshop, has moved several times and taken several breaks since it started in 2009, and is now taking another break. Covid-19 put a halt to regular activities in 2020 - 21. as helping each other with sewing projects and using sewing machines is essentially an indoor activity and tends to involve close contact. We restarted in June 2021, hoping to keep going at The Circulatory in Berrylands on on the first Thursday of every month, but attendance was patchy and we really needed a more suitable,central and accessible venue or venues and more helpers and takers.  Contact Marilyn if you think there is a need for this repair workshop and/or you can help us restart.

Our usual practice:
We expect stitchers to bring and work on their own sewing repair/upcycling/alteration projects - we don't do the sewing for you but will show you how to mend or alter or renovate. We have lots of fabrics, thread, buttons, bits and pieces and sewing equipment and sewing machines, but if you need a particular item, e g, a zip, please bring that too.

Here's something we could make if there are no repairs to do -, or we could start a big patchwork project or any other creative project that makes use of materials that would otherwise end up in the waste system and will help participants learn or refresh their skills.

Helpers who can assist other people with their sewing projects and/or who understand sewing machines and/or who can teach us new skills are always welcome. Our experience is that everyone who comes along learns something as we all know different things! 

See more about Stitch in Time from 2009 to 2014 here. 

On the right is a photo of a typical skill-sharing session at the old Kingston Environment Centre, where we started.


Some useful resources:
Why mending matters, with 10 useful repair websites at
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