Transition Town Kingston design competition brief

Transition Town Kingston is looking for a fresh new banner to use on our website Home Page and at the top of a new A5 flier. We’d like a change from the photos we have used for a long time, perhaps a cartoon-style drawing, maybe black & white or a using a limited colour palette that would look good on a white background, work alongside the TTK logo (usually on the left), print well and be photocopiable when necessary.

Images should illustrate a selection of both Kingston and Transition themes, for example, perhaps a few out of: the river, the bridge, a cycle path/bicycle, food-growing and fruit harvesting, trees, the Market Place, bunting, a birthday cake... (See for a folder of some typical TTK and Kingston images or browse the TTK website for ideas and to find out more about us.) Feel free to integrate your name/signature/studio name into the design to ensure that you are acknowledged. Graphics students welcome to have a go.

Suggested size: 1600 x 400 pixels. If you use SVG it would be good to have that, as well as a jpeg/tiff, in case we ever wanted to make a large poster or banner.

We are offering a prize of £50 for the illustration chosen by TTK management team. Our deadline for entries, which should be sent to TTK’s secretary Marilyn, is Friday 23rd August 2019. Please get in touch with Marilyn if you need to know anything more.