The July TTK/HUG Green Screen film show and discussion with TTK founder Shaun Chamberlin (on the left of the photo) proved a stimulating and enjoyable evening, with Shaun responding to lots of challenging and interesting questions about the simple, sustainable life he and the film recommended. 

The Sequel: What will follow our troubled civilization?

Reviewed by Alison Whybrow

Shaun Chamberlin finished this film project a little over a year ago, a project of love and dedication to the inspiring and profound work of David Fleming, sharing some possible ways of reimagining how we live today. As part of the TTK events schedule there was a lot that resonated, such as the note that we will only survive the future through resilient and regenerative communities. The fundamental questions asked include: What do we want this world to look like and how can we start building this today?

In presenting and discussing the film, Shaun was able to offer the kind of provocative, profound and yet simple insights that comes deep knowledge. His bold assertion that the only thing of real value on our planet is nature offers a new view of our earth, and a lot of assumptions and habits start to shift. The loss that we are facing and the irrationality of where we are with our illogical belief in ongoing economic growth is captured. A quote was ringing through my mind as I left: If a family member had a decision making record similar to that of government we would consider it a kindness to put them into a home” and I wondered how we might imagine a regenerative future, one where perhaps John Maynard Keynes' prediction of a 10-15 hour working week by 2000 could be a possibility.