Alison Whybrow's account of the day:

Building relationships, building community, having fun together, supporting each other and having conversations about what matters – these were at the heart of our GreenZone.

Kingston GreenZone, October 11th was a bijoux affair focusing on bringing local groups, businesses, artists and community together. A brilliant line up headed by D’Artagnan, Gilan followed, then New mugs, Cajun Boogaloo,  Euphoric Recall and Lunar Jam. Des Kay brought the stage to a close with his fantastic Professor Chaos. The Yurt, set up as part of Kingston Arts festival, was the perfect set up for Yoga with Joanna Blundell and Tina Talbot reading her children’s eco-books to an audience of more than children. Charlotte Haigh held a grief circle, where people were invited to express their grief for what is happening to our earth. Roshan, our artist in residence created a beautiful piece of art through the day.

The atmosphere was full of love and welcome. Toni Izard and her team on the TTK stall were supplying the apple juice from locally harvested apples, with Doorstep coffee supplying cakes and warm drinks. With Bee-Inspired, the Kingston environment centre, Hogsmill Community Garden, Peddle my Wheels, Kingston Friends of the Earth, Save the World Club and Extinction Rebellion the

 TTK secured the funds  from The Climate Coalition’s The Great Big Green Week and with support from a much wider team, the thank you has to go to Danielle O’Shaughnessy, Karen Powell of Salmon Magazine, Janine Martin of Sunray Recycle, together with Transition Town Kingston for the hard work behind the scenes. The funding was important, it not only meant we were able to do a great campaign around awareness to bring people together, it also meant we were able to pay something for each musician and make a contribution to support each of the volunteer stalls that were present.