Several members of Transition Town Kingston and our friends from other green groups attended this discussion in May. Here below is an account from Alison Whybrow of TTK.


Kingston’s Business Growth Opportunities from the Green Economy event, May 2021

Kingston Chamber of Commerce in partnership with Kingston Council are taking a lead when it comes to shifting the dial on business impact across the borough. In May they invited all businesses in and around the borough to join virtual roundtables to focus on and explore opportunities opening up through transitioning to a new way of doing business. 

Whatever business you are in, you are now operating in the context of climate, environmental and social crises that are inextricably linked. If you’re ready to really face into a very disrupted future, then you’re going to be in good company. 

There were some clear trends emerging from the discussions:

  • It makes business sense: 7 years ago, making a decision to ‘go green’ perhaps wasn’t quite such a great business strategy. Now, having a robust sustainable business is an attractive proposition to businesses looking to decarbonise their supply chains and to individuals looking to vote with their money. This was a repeating story, such as Michelle Peters at Paragon Cleaning.
  • Exciting and innovative: There is huge opportunity to creatively adapt with fantastic win win win win win outcomes. Take Pedal power for example, business, customers, planet, employees and community all benefit from their business model. A zero waste mindset and circular economy approach really drives the disruptive thinking necessary. What was shared on the 11th goes way beyond simply recycling.
  • Huge growth opportunities: It’s called the 4th industrial revolution, from brown to green and there is evidence that this sector is outperforming others when it comes to investments. If you want to follow the money, then this is where the money is.
  • It makes personal sense: There is absolutely no doubt that business as usual is killing us.

All of those taking part on the 11th May event were there because they passionately believed in making a positive difference for their customers, in their communities and on the planet. We know this argument isn’t enough to get everyone over the line and shift how they live and work. But it doesn’t have to be. If you’re not transitioning and transitioning at pace, then you are likely to be left behind.

Looking forward to more from this partnership between the Chamber of Commerce and Kingston Council