Rob Hopkins' new book launch and Pop Up Tomorrow

Sunday 20 October 2019

Book launch oct 19

Pop Up Tomorrow invites you to dare to imagine with others what it could be like if they succeed. What if these actions unlock a previously unimaginable cascade of positive consequences, a historically extraordinary sequence of events? An aligning of political will, resources, determination and imagination?

Join us as we step into an imagined future to collectively vision, playfully build and then physically inhabit a 3D vision of a Zero Carbon Britain in 2030.

All are welcome for a day that will change the way you think about the future.

Pop Up Tomorrow is an immersive experience - we’ll be together for the day to imagine, build and step into the future, and we’d like all travellers to start and finish together. Doors open at 11am, we start our journey at 11.30am and will be closing the day at 5pm.

Pop Up Tomorrow will be hosted by Rob Hopkins of Transition Network with Kate Raworth author of Doughnut Economics, and facilitated by Ruth Ben-Tovim and Lucy Neal from Encounters who work across the UK, bringing people together to share their stories, experiences, ideas and visions.

Ages: 8+

Tickets: £5 and £3 concessions (ticket link on its way!)

We don't want ticket cost to prevent anyone from being able to join us, so we've set aside some complimentary tickets. If ticket cost is a barrier to you or your local group please get in touch with us -

These activities are inspired by Rob Hopkins new book 'From What Is to What If: Unleashing the Power of the Imagination to Create the Future We Want' which will be launched by Chelsea Green at Battersea Arts Centre following Pop Up Tomorrow.

If you'd like to attend both events, reserve your ticket for the book launch here -

Battersea Arts Centre