Our Urbanfarmacy vision is coming closer to reality thanks to our new partnership with Blossoming YMCA Surbiton. Blossoming YMCA is a new gardening project that seeks to get local residents involved with developing the plots of land outside the front and side of YMCA Surbiton.

The YMCA are very lucky to also have some large gardens at the back of their houses in Surbiton which provide a lovely setting for their residents. However due to their size they are currently underused and provide a wonderful opportunity to develop a nursery space. The largest garden already benefits from a greenhouse and two sheds. They need a little care to get them back into working order as a few panes of glass are broken and some hinges need fixing but they offer great potential. When we went to take a look at the sites we were blown away by their size. You don’t often find large gardens in an urban setting these days and the idea of a garden share between the Blossiming YMCA and Urbanfarmacy members is the perfect partnership to help get the most out of the space.

At Urbanfarmacy we are delighted to have found a space and partnership that supports us in growing a variety of plants that can be used in skin care, ready to be transported to an array of plots in and around the high footfall areas of Kingston. We already have ideas about making a fabulous display outside Kingston Station and can’t wait to get that project in development.

The best thing about partnering with Blossoming YMCA is that we are also able to help them develop the rest of their garden space for growing food for residents and other locals. We are also delighted to be able to share our knowledge of plants for use in skincare and well being and hope that the residents will enjoy mixing up their own skin care and food recipes from the plants grown on site.

Don’t forget to come along to our clearing day on Sunday 30th June at 18 Balaclava Road, Surbiton to get your hands dirty.

TTK Editor