If you’d like to meet other local Transitioners:

  • Have a look at our Groups and Projects and contact the organiser(s) if you’d like to find out about or get involved in one or more.
  • Come along to one of our open events, film shows and discussions – please see Events and our newsletter to find out what’s coming up.
  • Come to one of our management team meetings (currently on the last Tuesday of the month, just before Kingston Green Drinks – see Events for details) – to pitch an idea, to offer help, to meet us … Anyone interested is welcome – just contact us to find our when and where the next meeting is. You can find out more about the current team here and read notes from management team meetings from 2015 onwards here. You may also meet some of us at local festivals and fairs.
  • Everyone involved in TTK is invited to our AGMs, which we usually combine with some entertainment and a birthday celebration with food and drink. The AGM reviews our past year and updates you on our funds and TTK projects, and is also an opportunity to think about the coming year. If you would like have a display or talk briefly about your local green activities at the AGM, please contact us.IMG-20120424-00031