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TOPO is a consortium of community groups with a vision for the former head post office on Eden Street, a neglected and empty local landmark and Grade-2-listed building. Our vision includes a cafe, event and exhibition space, an environment hub, meeting places, studios,  workshops, office space… and we have worked together to turn it into a reality.

We held several open meetings and consultation events after we were brought together by Kingston Environment Centre in July 2012. A small steering group met regularly to research the possibilities, networked extensively to build support and promote the project, and created a Prospectus, setting out our vision; Kingston Council awarded us a small Neighbourhood Grant in 2014 to enable us to print a limited number of these (still available on request). We publicised developments, met the developers, and responded to consultations and the planning application submitted late in 2014.


TOPO shares the TTK vision of local sustainability, a healthier, happier and better connected community, and resilient community enterprises. TTK has always been very supportive of the TOPO campaign, and would welcome and make very good use of a town centre community space.

Update, April 2015


How the TOPO campaign began in July 2101

Phase 1 of the campaign is now all but over. We haven’t got everything we asked for but we have got community use of the 2 upstairs floors of the Old Post Office building written into the current planning application, and that includes one lovely large double-height room with potential for events, exhibitions, rehearsals etc and several smaller spaces suitable for meetings or offices. The ground floor is earmarked for a cafe/restaurant, probably at a commercial rent, and both the other listed buildings on the site will be conserved and brought into use.

We now await developments – if developers St George get planning permission, others will have to take on Phase 2, actively managing and using the community spaces, but it will take at several years to get to that stage.

You can find a TOPO prospectus and more about our activities and events, past and present, on the TOPO website, and we’ll report news and developments there and on our Facebook page.

What you can do

You can keep up with our news by visiting our Facebook page, and help us to maintain support for community use by telling people about the proposals, writing to your councillors, the Surrey Comet, your MP, responding to consultations and planning applications. If you’d be interested in using or managing a future community space in this building, please contact us.