A founder member of TTK, John joined the Management Committee in 2011. A Kingston native, he grew up in Old Malden, and has long been involved in local environmental initiatives, including Kingston Permaculture Reserve at Knollmead.

John is a zoologist who has spent much of his time overseas, including ten years in Hong Kong, where he studied monkeys, ants and many other creatures. There he helped set up a programme with a local organisation, Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden, to conserve the beleaguered forest biodiversity of tropical China. He has worked as a researcher, consultant and editor, discovering over 20 insect species new to science (nothing compared with the ones that got away). He now works for a Hong Kong-based environmental foundation with a global remit, interacting with the best – and worst – of the human relationship with nature.

John’s varied conservation experience has reaffirmed the need for more sustainable ways of living back home. He has lectured on climate and energy, deepening his sense of urgency about the transition to a post-carbon economy – and of the central role to be played by local communities. Besides all things ecological, John has a particular interest in the ‘Inner Transition,’ including mindfulness and meditation, and looks forward to bringing this more into his local activities. While work commitments mean he can’t be as active as he’d like with TTK, he is thankful to belong to the community of citizens, here as elsewhere, who work towards environmental harmony.


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