Calculate your ecological footprint

Find out how you can live better, save money and reduce your impact on the environment.

Heating / Insulation Upgrade Comparison Tool

Transition Cambridge have put a useful online heating/insulation upgrade comparison tool on their website. You enter house type/shape and current walls/doors/windows/floor insulation level/construction type, along with possible upgrades to those elements, and it shows a useful overview of overall and relative effect.

Jivadental, Kingston

Dr Bob Bhamra assessed his Kingston dental practice’s ecological footprint in 2009 and in doing so became the first practice in the UK/World to become carbon neutral. From digital radiography to ethical water, find out more about why he did this and the practices your business can take to save both money and the planet.

Tips to help you become more energy-efficient 

When you’ve calculated how you’re doing, here are some steps, small and large, that you can take.