TTK uses a number of venues around Kingston. These are some of the greenest and/or useful:

Kingston Environment CentreKEC
Fountain Youth Centre, 1 Kingston Road, New Malden KT3 3PE, 020 8942 5251 – a base for many local green organisations and projects.

Kingston Quaker Centre
Opened in 2014, this is a beautifully designed building in the town centre, built with sustainability in mind. Acoustics are good for talks or music, and the biggest room takes 70+ – but there is a no alcohol, no gambling (not even a raffle) policy so less good for social events or fundraising.

Kingston Workmen’s Club
Not particularly green, but TTK has used it a lot because it is central, good value and big enough for our events, with room for an audience or 80+ and tables for displays and a screen. There is a kitchen and a bar, and an urn and cups to borrow. No website and not on email, you have to phone 020 8546 0500 in the morning between 10.00 and 12.00 to book.

And maybe sometime  in the future:

IMG-20120510-00051 - CopyThe Old Post Office
TTK has supported this campaign to conserve and bring into community use the Grade-2-listed Old Post Office building in central Kingston. Current planning proposals (early 2015) include some community space upstairs including a lovely room for events,  but it is likely to be some years before it is available.