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About us

Our vision is a zero-waste UK and an end to our throw-away life-styles, leading the way to a zero-waste, more wildlife-friendly world. We work with others (including TTK) towards that, one step at a time. We began life in 2007 as a local anti-plastic-bag campaign and a couple of years later affliated to Greener Upon Thames (GUT), a similar campaign in Richmond. Since then we have worked with GUT to reduce plastic bag usage locally and at the 2012 Olympics, and to lobby hard for a charge for plastic and other single-use bags. A 5p charge has been promised by the Government. In the meantime, we can all take our own bags whenever we go shopping and shops can charge even before the law insists that they do. Ideally, we’d like a bigger, more deterrent charge for all throw-away bags – or even a ban.

We hate waste of other kinds too, so we campaign and work towards less packaging, less use of plastic bottles, less litter, more re-use of materials, more recycling…

Activities and news

We occasionally run stalls at local fairs, have worked with TTK to make and give away free long-life cloth bags, and with Greener upon Thames we showed the film “Plastic Shores” to a large local audience in 2014. Greener Kingston is represented on Kingston Environment Forum and has had discussions with Kingston Council about waste and recycling. Our website contains lots of useful ideas for individuals, retailers and towns wanting to go plastic-bag-free.

For updates on our campaigns and events see our website and/or subscribe to the GUT newsletter here (we promise only to send out a newsletter when we have news!) You can read recent GUT newsletters here.  Greener upon Thames has 2 Facebook pages – and