Transition to a less wasteful way of life

“Waste not, want not”

We live in a high consumption, high waste society – we waste the planet’s resources of energy, food, materials, land… and we know we can’t go on like this. Many Transition and other initiatives aim to reduce wastefulness and to use resources more sustainably, and we regularly feature “rubbish tips” in our monthly e-newsletter. Watch a short video here about “Rescued”, an exhibition by Des Kay in The Market House in Kingston Upon Thames – everything in the exhibition was destined for landfill before it was rescued and redistributed.

In October 2015, TTK formed an ad hoc project group to work with Kingstonfirst and Kingston Council on an application for funding from Sainsbury’s to reduce food waste in Kingston. Together we came up with lots of good ideas – watch this space and our newsletter to see if we succeeded.

TTK projects and groups


Abundance – harvesting, distributing and preserving fruit that would otherwise go to waste.

Energy Group – working towards less wasteful energy consumption

Growing projects – learn how to use the land more productively

Kingston Kitchen – learn about cooking and preserving

Skill sharing or up-skilling – learning how to fix or repair or re-purpose things, helping to reduce waste and keep stuff out of landfill


Friends of TTK

green K logoGreener Kingston – working towards a zero-waste society, one plastic bag at a time!



Other local groups

Stitch ‘n’ Chat at Kingston Environment Centre

Freecycle and Freegle – websites to help you to find good local homes for things you no longer need.

Richmond Maker Labs aim to develop new ideas, repair things, make gadgets and share these experiences – in neighbouring Ham.