Sharing skills, making sure that skills in the local community are passed on, and using our skills to repair and up-cycle things that could otherwise add to the waste mountain, are important elements of the Transition project. TTK and our friends have run several skill-sharing workshops, events and projects, some just for a day, some longer-term. If you have an idea for a skill-sharing project and/or a skill to share we’d love to hear from you. Current and past skill-sharing projects include:

TTK_20logo_a_20FINALTransition Town Kingston projects

Kingston Kitchen aims to encourage and enable everyone to produce delicious, flavoursome, chemical free foods using seasonal and, where possible locally grown produce.

Stitch in Time was aimed at helping people to repair, alter and reuse clothes and fabrics. We are currently resting, but if you’d like to (re)start a sewing project, do have a look at our page and contact us.

Various growing projects – TTK and our Friends include some very skilled gardeners and you can join them in one of their projects to learn while doing.

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