Transition to a more sustainable local economy

“Visioning a powered-down local economy is one thing, but how do we bring it into reality in such a way that it supports the wider transition of the community and can thrive independent of external funding? Transition is about creating a new, economically viable local infrastructure that creates livelihoods, skills and resilience.”
From Transition Network on social enterprise

TTK_20logo_a_20FINALTransition Town Kingston projects

TTK Business Action Group has run several events for green or aspiring green businesses and participated in Green Business days at Kingston Environment Centre. If you have ideas for future events or projects with a green business focus, please contact us. Our biggest, and on-going, project is the Kingston Green e-Directory, aimed at helping green-minded consumers find green businesses and community enterprises in and around Kingston, and vice-versa. The Directory also keeps a list of Green Business Ideas – ideas from elsewhere for budding green entrepreneurs who’d like to fill a green gap in Kingston.

Friends of TTK

Logo TOPOTOPO – the campaign to bring the Old Post Office into community use

Other local projects

KingstonPound-small-15Kingston Pound: The Kingston Pound (£K) is money made for the borough of  Kingston upon Thames. It will bring more business to the independent traders of Kingston, strengthen the local economy and keep our high streets diverse and distinct…

KUTLETSkuthdr1: Kingston Upon Thames Local Exchange Trading System is our local community-based barter system. KUTLETS meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at Kingston Environment Centre for a social and trading evening.


green K logo Greener Kingston began life as a local anti-plastic-bag campaign and has since teamed up with Greener Upon Thames on the plastic bag issue, and also evolved into a more general campaign against waste: “Our vision is an end to our throwaway life-styles and a zero-waste UK, leading the way to a zero-waste, more wildlife-friendly world.”


Former TTK projects

From The Ground Up – unfortunately, after six years of success and growth, TTK’s social enterprise bringing local people together to access local, affordable and seasonal organic food, had to cease trading in March 2016.