All TTK groups and projects have emerged from the community. Some were established to aid the Steering Group to raise awareness of peak oil, climate change and the transition concept with key groups within Kingston’s community; others have formed to focus on specific themes to determine the best ways of building community resilience and reducing our carbon footprint. Whilst many projects are facilitated by TTK groups, some are stand-alone projects.

Each group covers an area which is of strategic importance to the future of Kingston. This group structure gives us a way of thinking about things clearly and organising our work. We recognise there are some areas which will need groups that haven’t formed yet and welcome new ideas and people to help expand our work. If you want to start a new group please see our guide to starting a new group or project on our resources page and contact us.

Use the menu above to find out more about each of our groups and projects, as well as our Friends.

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