TTK doesn’t have any paid job opportunities at this time. But we do have page of ideas for green entrepreneurs in our Green e-Directory.

Volunteer Opportunities

TTK management team
If you’re interested in helping to manage and coordinate TTK activities, or have an idea for an activity or event, pop along to a management team meeting (see Events) or email us.

We’re always looking for help at events, either ones we’re running our selves or ones where we have a stall. Keep an eye on our monthly newsletter for requests for help.

This is TTK’s fruit harvesting (and distribution and preserving) project. See the Abundance web-page for seasonal organising and volunteering opportunities. Harvesting is mostly late summer/autumn.

Social media
If you’ve got a passion for getting social with sustainability we’d love to hear from you.

If you’re looking for a new opportunity to help transform your local community then what better way to do it than by planting herbs in your local High Street and transforming the places you see every day. Not only will you then be able to pick some herbs on your way home but you’ll start to see plots of possibilities everywhere and spread the happiness that comes from seeing a street that is full of life and colour. Contact Fiona to help grow and plant herbs in your community.