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Peter and Marilyn will lead a walk along the waterway by the Olympic Park, Hackney Wick , weather permitting (email us and we’ll send you a confirmation the evening before – or just watch the weather forecast and make your own decision!). We will meet at the Crate Brewery, Hackney Wick (a short walk from Hackney Wick Overground station – map here) at 12.30pm for a pizza, with the walk starting at 1.30pm if you don’t fancy a pizza or a locally brewed beer.

This is an urban walk, not muddy or hilly, through a rapidly changing area – an interesting mix of disused or converted ex-industrial buildings, Olympic legacy facilities, and expensive new apartments taking advantage of its closeness to the City, a good place to explore the potential for tensions between scruffy, artisan hipster-dom and gentrification/yuppification.  Is this the best way to regenerate an run-down district? Will cheap and cheerful be driven out by luxurious trendiness? Come along to observe and discuss – and to meet and chat to like-minded people.

We anticipate finishing at around 3.30 – 4.00pm, but if you bring your own map  you will be able to leave the walk at a time that suits you and find public transport homewards.

TTK Editor