• Location: Kingston Scout Hut
£10 per session or £40 for series I am going

Three days of environmental talks in Kingston Guildhall – see http://www.kingstonwelcomeskorea.org/events/the-green-debate/ for details, cost and how to book

Tuesday, August 4
Session One: 1100-1300: One Earth – How Fragile Is Our Planet?
Session Two: 1400-1600: What are the Real Risks?

Wednesday, August 5
Session Three: 1100-1300: Must We Change Our Lifestyles?
Session Four: 1400-1600: What are the Global Odds for success?

Thursday, August 6
Session Five: 1100-1300: Is there a spiritual solution?
Session Six: 1400-1600: Is Geo-engineering a whole-earth solution?

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