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Depending on the weather, Canbury Community Garden volunteers hope to show off what we have achieved in our first year, with assistance and support from TTK, CARA, Kingston Council and many others, and to try out our new (kindly donated) BBQ.

Come along just for a look around or to try your hand at gardening, and/or stay to lunch (please bring food to share and/or to BBQ). There’ll be Dragon Boat Racing on the river by Canbury Gardens on 16th, and the new Canbury Secret café is open, so you could make an afternoon of it.

The community garden is on the edge of Canbury Gardens, between Kingston Riverside (tennis) Club and Kings Passage, best approached via the shared driveway from the end of Lower Ham Road, KT2 5AJ or via the gate from Canbury Gardens, close to Kings Passage and the bandstand.

If you can’t manage this open afternoon or the weather is unkind, we hope to have a second open afternoon/BBQ on Sat 19th August. Find out more on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/537275283126209/ and https://www.facebook.com/events/715441268653963/.