Transition to a more resilient “skilled-up” community

“A more resilient community will require us to be adept in a wide range of skills – skills that until recently were everyday but are now greatly undervalued (food growing, repairing things, natural building, maintaining renewable energy systems)…Since the 1960s we have gradually lost skills that were once commonplace. Most people who grew up during the ‘40s and ‘50s learnt, almost automatically, how to garden, repair things, look after small livestock, and generally make do with little.”
From Transition Network on re-skilling

Reskilling / sharing skills / skilling up, powering down are important elements of Transition groups including TTK, and we have and do run events, practical projects and workshops on a range of skills.

TTK_20logo_a_20FINALTTK projects

Kingston Kitchen



Other local projects

Growing projects – learn by doing!

Stitch ‘n’ Chat at Kingston Environment Centre

Richmond Maker Labs: a Maker Space and hackspace in the middle of neighbouring Ham, open and free to all. Aim to develop new ideas, repair things, make gadgets and share these experiences.  Come to learn, ask, make, mend or talk. See HUG Events for details.


Former TTK projects

Stitch in Time – our make do and mend sewing project is no more!