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TTK is fast approaching its fourth birthday, and at the start of the year, besides reviewing what we’ve done to date, we wanted to enthuse ourselves for going forward. If it isn’t fulfilling and fun, we think, it isn’t Transition, and we wanted to make sure that as far as possible, everyone involved is doing what they really want to do.

At the “Review and Renew” meeting on 18th January 2012, around 20 members were asked to give an indication which of our many activities they’re most keen to be involved with in the coming year. We listed TTK-affiliated projects and groups, each of which needs some kind of liaison with the rest of the network, and the many steering and coordinating functions that support their work. We also asked people to say whether they envisaged a ‘central’, ‘supporting’ or ‘crew’ role in these functions.

Those present expressed highest levels of commitment to specific projects, notably Abundance, Skill-up/Stitch in Time, From the Ground Up, and the new Energy and Inner Transition groups. There was also a moderate level of support for the Business Action Group and the Kingston Environment Group (seen as a more productive channel of council engagement than the previous TTK Council Group).

There was rather less enthusiasm for coordinating all this activity! Nobody was keen to take on conventional ‘treasurer’ roles; nobody wanted to lead on the various communications or project-support functions; and there was limited enthusiasm for development-management functions concerned with how the organisation’s identity and goals evolve (“let it go where it wants to,” is perhaps the answer). On the other hand there were plenty of offers to run a particular event, or host/facilitate an event, and probably sufficient ‘supporting-role’ pledges to keep our communications healthy. The crux was perhaps that many of us want to be actively involved in Transition activities locally, especially discrete events or projects, but few of us are keen to lead, coordinate or ‘maintain’. Perhaps we get enough of that at work…

Nevertheless we go forward with an active core of people dedicated to finding ways to make TTK thrive, given the time constraints we’re all under. We’re conscious that many of ‘our’ projects (those we in some way support or align with) themselves have a full corps of active members, comprising hundreds of people involved with Kingston’s Transition – and perhaps thousands more we’ve not yet connected with. But if you’re out there in the community and haven’t yet found a way to contribute to the great Transition, do get in touch ( We’ll try to point you in a direction that interests you, without expecting more time than you can spare.

For a taster, here are a few ideas for where we’d appreciate your input: use the TTK Facebook page to share anything Transition-related (now that’s not work); develop content for, and occasionally run, engagement/awareness activities; provide reliable help on event coordination; engage (or become) the media; and set up local ‘Transition Together’ groups in your street or neighbourhood (we’ll support these if we can). But more generally, tell us what you want to do, and how we can help you make it happen.


Regular transition events

Kingston Orchard Working Party

Kingston Orchard Project runs working parties every Sunday 2-4pm at Knollmead Allotments Tolworth, KT5 9QP

Permaculture at Knollmead

Some Sunday afternoons. Contact Simone at or on 07737 277 470 for info and dates

From the Ground Up

Weekly food scheme bringing local, affordable, organic fresh food to the RBK. Venues in both Kingston and Surbiton.
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