There are a number of people living in flats or rented accommodation who have a keen interest in gardening and growing food but don't have access to suitable land. There are few allotments available. At the same time, there are garden owners who aren't able, for various reasons, to use their gardens to the full. Garden Share is an initiative that seeks to link up people who have unused corners of their garden with local commited growers.


- reducing the size of Kingston's municipal allotment waiting list
- improving social inclusion of elderly owners of gardens in Kingston
- developing a neighborhood kitchen garden culture (info, recipes and produce exchange, health benefits etc.)
- promoting greater community cohesion within Kingston (resources for Seedy Sundays, Apple Days, Composting Galas etc.)

The Garden Share concept has caught the nations imagination and numerous schemes exist throughout the UK. Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall is a keen supporter, and in partnership with Channel 4 launched 'Landshare' a nationwide matching service in April 2009.

Whilst we have brokered partnerships between those seeking vegetable growing plots and those with gardens that are either under-used or too much to manage in the past we believe there seems little point duplicating effort and so are currently supporting people to find a match through the channel 4 website.

Key features of Landshare

- Garden Owners willing to share their garden/land can submit details of their property through the website.
- They can also search for growers in the area and contact them through the website with the view of finding a suitable match.
- Growers can log their skills and interest in working on shared garden/land. They can search for available garden/land in their area and contact the owners through the web site.
- Everyone can post questions, offer help and respond to others through the site.

Get involved!

To participate in Channel 4's garden/land sharing scheme either as a garden owner or a grower; you will need to register online.

We advise to read and understand the Code of Conduct and ensure you have full understand of each others needs and responsibilities before entering into a partnership. Some of the issues to be considered are discussed in the Legal section - legal lowdown. The website provides a template agreement that may be modified to suit individual needs. It is important for both the garden/land owner and the grower to understand and sign a contract before making any commitments.

TTK Food Group understand there may be people who require additional support or who would prefer not to go through the Channel 4 Landshare scheme. If this is the case we are more than willing to help you find a match in the local area and are happy to provide support and advice on growing your own to anyone, please contact us by email at

Happy growing!

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