Food is cheaper now than it has ever been. There is a great variety of food available from all over the world and throughout the year. So why, when the industry has progressed so rapidly, should we worry about production and consumption of food?

Cheaper food has hidden costs, social and environmental. These include soil erosion and destruction of rural communities through intensive farming, mass deforestation and biodiversity loss, fisheries depletion, water pollution and food chain contamination by agrochemicals, and production of greenhouse gases especially by the meat and dairy industry. And while markets have driven improvements in the consistency, colour, texture and shelf-life of food, there have been losses in nutritional value, taste, variety within species and between seasons.

If we read these in the light of climate change and peak oil, both of which will make current food systems unviable, the need for action to create a sustainable food system becomes urgent. TTK believe there are more sensible and satisfying ways to deliver the food we need. We aim to help create a healthy environment and thriving community by building a resilient food system for Kingston.

There are a range of food related groups and projects active across the borough helping Kingston to transition. Some were established long before Kingston became an official Transition Town, others are newly formed (see also Transition Tolworth and Urbanfarmacy), but all are helping create a better brighter future for Kingston. There is much to do, so get involved by either emailing a project co-ordinator directly or attending an open meeting to find out more!

Groups and Projects:

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Regular transition events

Kingston Orchard Working Party

Kingston Orchard Project runs working parties every Sunday 2-4pm at Knollmead Allotments Tolworth, KT5 9QP

Permaculture at Knollmead

Some Sunday afternoons. Contact Simone at or on 07737 277 470 for info and dates

From the Ground Up

Weekly food scheme bringing local, affordable, organic fresh food to the RBK. Venues in both Kingston and Surbiton.
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