The TTK Energy Group aims to build awareness around the implications of peak oil and climate change and to mobilise a community-lead process to become more resilient to climate change. We are building a network of people to share ideas, to learn and to engage stakeholders so that we have greater ownership of energy measures in our community.

Energy group news and events, June-July 2014

Kingston Council has awarded TTK Energy Group a grant of £1000 to buy a thermal imaging camera, which will enable us to survey homes and businesses, show them where they are losing heat, and advise them how to fix the leaks. However, £1000 won't buy a high-quality new camera and if anyone out there can advise us on where we could find a good second-hand or end-of-line one, please contact Peter ›.Watch this space later in the year (this is essentially a winter activity) for invitations to try thermal imaging on your premises.

Meanwhile, you can find a useful update on the government’s green deal home improvement fund,  with links to further information about funding for energy-saving measures in the YouGen blog › 

For those who enjoy cheesy YouTube videos, Damon of TTK Energy Group has created an “elevator pitch” for his energy-saving radiator valves for the Netherlands’ Green Challenge. For those who enjoy cheesy YouTube videos, Damon of TTK Energy Group has created an “elevator pitch” for his energy-saving radiator valves for the Netherlands’ Green Challenge. Watch it here › 

Parents, governors, teachers - could your school be a Solar School? Solar Schools have 20 Solar Schools places available for 2014-15, and one of them could be for your school. Interested? Find out more at You have until this Friday (6 June) to start your application here ›. This first bit only takes two minutes, and is designed make sure this is right for your school.

Two Kingston Connections events of interest:
"The story of Smart Communities – working locally to save energy", Sun 29 June, 11.30am - 1.00pm, Room JG0001, Penrhyn   Road campus, Kingston University: Dr Kevin Burchell, Senior Research Fellow at KingstonUniversity and his team talk about a two-year community action project on energy consumption reduction, run by KingstonUniversity and partners in north Kingston. They will share learning relating to running community action projects and achieving energy consumption reduction. FREE but ticketed - get tickets in person at the Rose Theatre Box Office or call 08444 821 556.
"How can we use less energy?" Sun 29 June, 2.00pm - 3.30pm, Room JG0001, Penrhyn Road campus, Kingston University: a talk and discussion on climate change and energy consumption, led by Faris Manshi, School of Engineering and Construction. £5 - get tickets in person at the Rose Theatre Box Office or call 08444 821 566.

Kingston Community Energy

Kingston Community Energy is a not-for-profit cooperative enterprise recently formed from TTK's Energy Group.  Our vision is for community-owned decentralised renewable energy across the Royal Borough of Kingston.  Our aim is to install a solar PV array on the roofs of community buildings, providing the building owners with low cost electricity which will both enable them to shield themselves against fluctuating energy costs and predicted price hikes over the coming years and reduce the carbon emissions responsible for climate change.

This is the local community's opportunity to come together and make a social investment into our local area and to receive a moderate financial reward for that investment.  More information can be found on our website

We are working with a number of local schools and community buildings in the borough to assess their roofs for suitability to join the scheme.  If you have ownership or responsibility for a potential roof then please do get in touch.

Green Open House weekend: 23/24 March 2013

Linked with Kingston's annual Paint the Town Green Festival, in March 2013 - we're organising an  Green Open House weekend on 23 / 24th March, to share good practice with our neighbours and the Kingston public. Have you made your home greener and more energy-efficient in small inexpensive ways (draught-proofing, lining curtains, growing vegetables, saving water...) or made big investments in energy efficiency (solar panels, heat pumps...). Could you show others what you've done and answer questions about it for a morning or afternoon one weekend in May? If so, please contact us

See TTK Events page for info about the next meeting of the Energy Group- anyone interested in furthering TTK's energy projects and initiatives is welcome to contact us and/or come along. 

Where does your heat go?

Four very different houses in Kingston, and several lessons learnt at a February thermal imaging "party" organised by Kevin Burchell of Kingston University's Smart Communities project (, hosted by Peter and Marilyn Mason of Transition Town Kingston ( and conducted by John Gallop and Sue Williams of South West London Environment Network ( Key lessons included: take a critical look at your front door and your pet-flap (could be worthwhile fixes); seal those draughts (cheap and effective); consider double-glazing and other insulation (not so cheap, but effective); live in a modern house (not necessarily feasible).  More, with pictures, here.

Our Themes

The Energy Group's activities and outreach are oriented toward:
- home energy efficiency
- decentralised energy solutions that build resilience within our community
- education and community awareness raising
- linkages with local businesses, Kingston University and other transition initiatives

Help you with a phone call: Free Impartial Energy Advice

Are you wondering how to make your home a bit more energy efficient? Some of our members have already tried and they are willing to share their experience with you. They don't claim to be experts, but they may know more than you do; including some of the pitfalls to avoid. For help ring Martin on 0208546823 or e-mail

Our Activities

Green Communities- Green Communities is a programme by the Energy Saving Trust that aims to support, facilitate and promote community based energy projects. As we build TTK's capacity and expertise, we envisage a community implemented "Energy Descent Action Plan" to follow see:

Home Energy Checks- We identify in our neighbourhoods take-up for HECs which are completed by households and returned in exchange for free energy saving services. Additional support and advice from Energy Saving Trust are available on home installation and efficiency measures, e.g. loft insulation, replacement boilers, micro-generation technologies.

New Project Announcement

Here’s an exciting project that will help with reducing CO2 emissions and mitigate ever-rising energy costs. Initially, the pilot project will define the commercial business case. We are looking to connect a local business/organisation with a leading-edge energy saving innovation that uses photovoltaic (solar) energy to power office equipment.  Photovoltaic cells generate DC electricity, and Ethernet cables in offices can carry this load   to power Laptops that also use and store DC electricity. This reduces the need to power these devices directly from the mains supply.  The project aims to pilot how organisations can take advantage of these facts by proving that the system can run a small office for about a year, based on a photovoltaic-only power supply. The parties involved in this exciting project are the Strathclyde University Energy Unit, Building Research Establishment (BRE) and Siemens IT Solutions and Services.

TTK is keen for this kind of project to succeed and would be pleased if there was a business or organisation in Kingston that would like to volunteer as a pilot project site. If this is of interest to you, please do get in touch directly with David Gander on 07745589901.

Green News

Ham Hydro Community Interest Company Questionnaire to Test the Shares Market

Help the Ham United Group assess public interest in a potential shares offer through a questionnaire at

The Ham Hydro CIC is approved for the installation of hydro power turbines on the River Thames at Teddington Weir. The Ham United Group and CIC share a vision entailing:

1. Generation of clean electricity from the hydropower installation, thus reducing carbon emissions locally and nationally, and

2. To use the income generated to promote and develop further low-carbon solutions in Ham and surrounding areas.


Government Announces the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and Green Deal Finance Coming Soon

The coalition government’s long awaited Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) will support a range of technologies and fuel uses including biomass, solar thermal (hot water), ground and water source heat pumps, on-site biogas, and energy from waste. Currently around half of the UK’s carbon emissions come from the energy used to produce heat – more than from generating electricity. Government incentives are (for now) available only for large industrial, commercial and public sector users – which contribute 38% of the UK’s carbon emissions. Households will have to wait to benefit, aligned with the Green Deal which is intended to be introduced in October 2012. The RHI will reduce emissions by 44 million tonnes of carbon to 2020, equivalent to the annual carbon emitted by 20 typical new gas power stations. Unlike the FIT which is paid for by all energy consumers through utility tariffs, the RHI is a direct budgetary obligation of HM Treasury. RHI payments will be claimed by, and paid to, the owner of the heat installation.  Payments will be made quarterly over a 20 year period. (Sources: DECC, Renewable Energy Installer, ENDS Report)


Test Your Home for Power Consumption, Draughts and Thermal Leaks

Thanks to members (and Cathy at YouGen) who pointed-out this Black & Decker leak detector for helping pin-point those pesky interior draughts. The Detector helps reduce energy costs by finding energy leaks in your home such as windows, floor boards and doors and in "soft spots" around electrical outlets and recessed lights. There are also several Owl home energy monitors available.  If you would like to use the Leak Detector or an energy monitor, please contact the Steering Group on a first come, first serve basis.


Looking to Insulate or Refurbish Your Home with Eco-Improvements?

Consider as a first point of call the newly updated list of local contractors and merchants offering energy efficient goods and services. Download the list here.


imeasure and SMEasure

Post your weekly meter readings to the Oxford University-based Environmental Change Institute. Your home or small business consumption data will help researchers investigating how the UK can reduce carbon emissions by 80% thereby moving to a low carbon future. All data contributed to imeasure is kept anonymous and aggregated for energy research.


South London Waste Partnership Moving Forward with Procurement

Interested in how the Borough plans to mitigate landfill waste and contribute toward low carbon energy solutions? Concerned about the impacts of new waste-to-energy plant construction? The SLWP plans to proceed with the delivery of a large-scale waste facility, despite the government cut of the PFI financing. TTK is monitoring closely the procurement through engagement with RBK and the SLWP.


Upcoming Events and Meetings

 Actio2n Surrey is launched

Working in partnership with Surrey local authorities Action Woking can now offer Surrey residents expert advice in energy efficiency and renewable technology. Take a look at the new Actio2n Surrey website to see how you can improve the energy efficiency of your home today:

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Regular transition events

Kingston Orchard Working Party

Kingston Orchard Project runs working parties every Sunday 2-4pm at Knollmead Allotments Tolworth, KT5 9QP

Permaculture at Knollmead

Some Sunday afternoons. Contact Simone at or on 07737 277 470 for info and dates

From the Ground Up

Weekly food scheme bringing local, affordable, organic fresh food to the RBK. Venues in both Kingston and Surbiton.
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