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Looking for more information and advice? Look no further than our collection of green business related web links.

Why go green?

Reports and articles making the business case for green policies and actions:

"Are you a green leader? Business and biodiversity: making the case for a lasting solution" (United Nations Environment Programme) Executive summary and full report, with sections on business sectors Mining, Energy, Agrifood,  Fisheries and aquaculture,  Construction,  Forestry and timber procurement, Tourism, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics,  Fashion, and Finance 

"Sustainable Energy Security: Strategic Risks and Opportunities for Business" (Chatham House-Lloyd's 360° Risk Insight White Paper): "Businesses which prepare for and take advantage of the new energy reality will prosper - failure to do so could be catastrophic…"

"Going green- why it's good for business" - article in The Independent

Greening your business or enterprise – sources of advice

Better Decisions, Real Value "What is the business case for sustainability? How do you get senior decision-makers to understand the commercial reasons for making the company more sustainable? How do you explain to your investors how this will benefit them financially?...The Better Decisions, Real Value project has created a toolkit to help professionals find and understand the different business cases for sustainability and communicate them to two key audiences: internal leaders, so the company can make better decisions; and investors, so they understand how this generates real value."

Biodiversity actionplans for businesses (Notice Nature National Parks & Wildlife Service) - some simple ways that businesses can play their part in protecting Earth’s biological resources, essential components and services for the operation of their day-to-day activities.

Business Link includes Government information on environmental matters, support and advice about compliance + how to save money by going green.

Cut the Carbon aims to help SMEs understand the changes within the construction industry and increase the opportunities to benefit from low carbon. It is a partnership between CITB-ConstructionSkills, the Federation of Master Builders, National Specialist Contractors Council, Scottish Building Federation and the Scottish Passive House Centre.

Defra on Green Business, Green Economy: "One of Defra’s priorities is to 'Support a strong and sustainable green economy, resilient to climate change”. 

Ethical Corporation: "We provide business intelligence for sustainability. We publish the leading responsible business magazine and independent research reports." You can browse Ethical Corporation articles and find out more about CSR.

The Federation of Small Businesses' useful policy documents and information on the environment.

The Forest Footprint Disclosure Annual Review - designed to improve corporate understanding of the ‘forest footprint’ generated by the use of key forest risk commodities: soy, palm oil,timber, cattle products and biofuels. Companies are rated on the information they disclose on the impact of their activities on forests and what is being done to change it - useful for businesses and consumers.

Forum for the Future "We help businesses and public service providers to understand and manage the risks that change will bring, to find new opportunities in tackling these global challenges, to implement their own commitments to social and environmental responsibility, and to work with others to overcome barriers to action. We then share what we learn to help others work towards a more sustainable society."

Go Green Plus – free advice to SMEs on how to go green and achieve environmental accreditation. Contact mark@southlondon.biz

Greener Kingston – working towards a plastic-bag-free Kingston, with advice on and sources of alternatives including long-life and compostable "plastic" bags.

London Community Resource Network (LCRN)
"Working to solve London's resource challenges sustainably, through community-based waste prevention, reuse and recycling..."social enterprises are being supported to open the door to new markets through tendering, improved marketability and tailored advice on environmental performance... Part funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)."

"Permaculture, Business, Resilience and Transition" by David Holmgren

Prevista Ltd , contact Dr Tariq Shabbeer, Business Advisor (Raising Finance) tariqs@prevista.co.uk 

RBK advice for businesses on Kingston Council's website

The TEEB for Business report (The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity) – a report on how we manage, safeguard and invest in our natural capital for business and enterprise, with practical guidance on the issues and the opportunities created by the inclusion in mainstream business practices of ecosystem- and biodiversity-related considerations. 

Members of TTK would also be happy to talk to businesses on request.

Model businesses?

Some businesses, large and small, find that "greening" and green policy statements make good business sense:

Jivadental, Kingston: Dentist Dr Bob Bhamra assessed his business’s ecological footprint in 2009 and in doing so became the first practice in the UK/World to become carbon neutral. From digital radiography to ethical water, find out more about why he did this and the practices your business can take to save both money and the planet.

2010 European Environment Awards finalists, including Dawdon Minewater Treatment Scheme, Nu-Phalt Infrared Road Repair System, Camira Farbrics Sting Plus - environmental contract fabric made from nettles and wool, NCR two-sided thermal (2ST) printing technology, Fish for Life, Stratton's Hotel Environmental Management System, Barts and the London Hospital Sustainable Construction project...

"Good Companies Guide: Eaga wins green title" – league table of firms likely to succeed in a changing social and environmental future. (Observer Business, 29/8/10) 

Lush - cosmetics company's green initiatives 

M&S Plan A – "because there is no Plan B"

Puma became the world's first major corporation to publish details of the cost of its impact on the environment in May 2011. ...Driving the move to incorporate some reflection of companies' environmental impact into profit and loss accounts is the idea that the services nature provides are not infinite, and therefore should no longer be considered as free....Those companies that are taking action to reduce their environmental impact now, and therefore their associated costs, believe they can gain a competitive advantage over their rivals.'

TTK's 'Greening Business' evening - report of November 2009 event in which some Kingston businesses talked about their experiences and the benefits of greening.

Other opportunities


Green Futures Festival Radio broadcasts a weekly Green Business show on Thursdays, 2pm - 3pm, "...a fresh approach to this new and varied world of green jobs, entrepreneurs and looking after the planet". Contact info@greenfuturefestivals.org.uk.

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