Our focus for the next 12 months is to embark on a wider range of practical projects that will really start to deliver some significant progress in terms of wider community engagement and real carbon reduction. We want to engage a much larger proportion of the community, and ensure better representation from all sections and age groups.  We will also continue to provide a wide range of exciting and enjoyable events, talks and film screenings.

We also need to build the ability of the TTK Steering Group to support projects and people to help ensure they get the desired outcomes in a cost and time effective way. This can only be done by more groups and projects being set up by our members, allowing time for the Steering Group to steer. To date TTK has been very successful with very little - surviving on volunteer time, self-funding, and donations. This has worked well for the first two years but now we are ready to ramp up our delivery and community engagement work and will need to increase income.

More financial resources would greatly accelerate TTK’s outcomes. They would enable us to really unlock the potential of the community, and optimise our ability to work together to identify, and pursue, the most appropriate energy descent and carbon reduction pathways. We are actively pursuing several funding streams. If you would like to help, please contact us.

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